The Ultimate Guide To Best Cat Door

The Ultimate Guide To Best Cat Door

Cats have an independent nature. They enjoy being free and exploring the surroundings when they wish. Since we are fond of our pets, we want them to be happy, healthy and comfortable.

Installing the best cat door could be a valuable option in this case. It has been demonstrated that cats that spend time outdoors are healthier and happier. Also, active cats are less prone to get bored or be overweight.

That being said, investing in the best cat door isn’t just convenient, but it is also a measure that will enhance your pet’s well-being!

We want to help you to make the best decision for your pet. So, we gathered the most important guidelines, along with our recommendations of reliable products.

You can also check our previous post that covered different types of pet doors. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Why Should You Choose Your Cat Door Carefully?

Selecting the best cat door for your pet could be quite confusing, due to the vast diversity of products. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should take this decision lightly.

The item you select should be right for your pet, in terms of size and comfort. On that note, you should also think about the space to install it. What would your companion prefer a window, a door or wall cat door?

Assessing the size of your cat is also highly recommended for the best results. Truth be told, you’ll install a pet door only once, which means it should stick and reach its purpose from the very beginning.

Cat using a cat door

Here are the aspects we find to be primordial when you’re in the market for the best cat door.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Cat Door?

Material and safety are the most important things to consider before making a purchase.


For starters, bear in mind that installing a cat door requires cutting a hole in the wall, door or window. That’s why it should be made of high-quality material.

Overall quality and build are equally important. Plastic and PVC are two common choices of materials. Vinyl is another popular choice; however, it won’t keep unwanted intruders at a distance (such as raccoons or stray cats).

Cat using a cat door

For instance, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you should select a product that would keep the cold out (or the heat).

Truth be told, not all cat doors are made to withstand cold weather. The hard plastic could become brittle in temperatures below zero. Consequently, the cat door is likely to crack or break.

In addition, certain mechanisms could fail in cold weather. Extreme temperatures make the door stiff, preventing it from opening properly. This could lock your little companion outside.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with tremendously hot summers, the risks are different. The plastic may deform if the temperatures are too high. This, of course, could lead to malfunctions.

Keeping your cat safe in such instances is primordial. On that note, perhaps you should consider an automated cat door, so that you could control when your pet leaves the house. A magnetic cat door could be handy as well.

In short, the quality and the material of the door could reduce heating or cooling, keeping out bugs, slugs, and other intruders.


Another crucial consideration when it comes to picking the best cat door is safety. You want to grant your little companion the freedom to explore the outdoors, but you also want to ensure its safety at all times.

On that note, selecting an electronic cat door could be the best decision. These devices are automatic, which means they are more convenient, in comparison with other models.

These work in association with your pet’s collar. It unlocks only when your cat attempts to enter the house.

If your pet’s safety is a primary concern as you live in an area with predators or extreme weather conditions, this could be your best pick in terms of security.

Apart from that, you could control the hours when your cat could go outside. For example, a microchip cat door unlocks only in contact with the pet’s microchip.

Cat using a cat door

Moreover, there are pet doors with infrared locks, which open only if the collar-mounted device delivers the correct code to the receiver. This enables owners to have multiple flaps for more than one pet.

You can select whether you allow a pet outside or not (if one is ill, disabled, the weather is inappropriate, so on and so forth).

To sum up, automated or electronic cat doors are recommended if you want to ensure your pet’s safety at all times. Plus, this could prevent burglars from having access to your house, as well as other unwanted incidents.

The downside is that these products could be pricier than other options.

Our Recommendations

Considering that your pet’s needs differ, the market provides a variety of products that could pass off as the best cat door. In that direction, we have five excellent options for you.

Best Cat Door For Window

First we are going to take a look at best window pet door.

Ideal Pet Products Window Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products supplies high-quality pet doors at decent rates. This particular product is specially designed for convenient installation. Plus, it is quite versatile, which means it fits the greater majority of sash windows.

If you don’t want to make any holes in your walls or doors, this item could be an excellent option.

The manufacturer provides this product in two distinct sizes.

Their width is adjustable: from 27-inch to 32-inch and from 23-inch to 27-inch.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Cat Door

The main advantage of this cat door window insert is that it fits easily. In addition to that, installing it isn’t that challenging. We encountered no difficulties whatsoever in putting it on, which is a great plus.

However, fitting in the cat door according to your liking could take a while. The window sash has springs on every side. This enables you to push the sides in. As you let go, they stretch back out, fitting the window perfectly.

By using the small silver knobs, you can tighten the mechanism as you wish so that the window sash stays put. As you can see, the installation process appears to be simple. And it actually is, with one exception.

It could take a while to get the sides in place. The white plastic frame should prevent creating a large gap, letting air in and out.

Secondly, the aluminum construction guarantees that this is a high-quality, long-lasting product that would withstand the test of time.

The amount of air that enters or leaves the room is minimal, compared to opening and closing the doors all day long.

Installing the door a little bit higher off the ground is an excellent tip. It minimizes the likelihood of raccoons or possums making an unwanted visit.

Still, we wouldn’t recommend this if you’re living in an area with extreme temperatures. This particular item is quite drafty. What you could do is place a weatherizing plastic film over the door, which could help with cold air leaks.

The clear vinyl flap is the simplest model. We would suggest you to get durable ChubbyKat door models.


  • Nice design
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy model (if you choose the ChubbyKat model)
Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Cat Door


  • If it’s not installed accordingly, you might encounter insulation issues.

Our Rating

On a final note, this is a good option for fitting a cat door in your home. You could also add cat stairs on the outside, to make this activity more enjoyable for your kitten!

Best Interior Cat Door

Every cat deserves its own door inside the house. Let's take a look at the best one.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

Interior cat doors are just as useful and practical as the exterior ones. For example, if you live in a flat, his type of item could facilitate access to the litter box area, without troubling you. Or, you might want your little companion to have access between rooms, so that it could roam as it pleases.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box Pet Door

Either way, the Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door will live up to your expectations. The main thing that catches your attention is the authentic, unusual design, resembling the shape of a feline.

Not only that this is an excellent functional piece, but its unique design adds a special characteristic to a room.

This product is created to be useful and look great at the same time. The wide, smooth opening enables your feline companion to pass through effortlessly. There aren’t any logos or screw holes that would look unaesthetic: just simple, minimalist lines that complement each door.

The neutral, semi-gloss white finish is genuinely versatile. If you want to paint the door in a different color, you can do so as well. It’s entirely up to you.

Furthermore, this product is created for easy fitting. It is suitable for all standard interior doors, whose thickness ranges from 1.25 to 1.75 inches.

As for the dimensions of the door openings, the width is 7.5 inches, and the height is 6.5 inches. According to the manufacturer, this interior cat door is fitted for cats that weigh up to 20 pounds.

We don’t advise you to use the template for installing this cat door. We found that it was considerably larger than the actual size of the arch. On that note, we suggest you to use one of the pieces to track down the exact measurements, to get a perfect fit.

If you have toddlers roaming around the house, we recommend you to use a few screws to secure the door. The cute design could make it a major attraction point for kids.

As for the price tag, it is a bit over the edge. However, the cute, practical design and the functionality of the item qualify this as the best cat door for interior door.


  • Unique design
  • Facilitates safe passage
  • Effortless installation
  • Versatility
The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door Hidden Litter Box Pet Door front and rear view


  • Cutting holes in your interior doors could cause problems if you’d consider to sell the house.
  • The template provided by the manufacturer is inaccurate.
  • It’s a bit pricey.

Our Rating

Best Cat Door For Wall

Also, there are numerous wall cat doors. Here is the best one!

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door

The next product falls under the category of most reliable cat doors for walls. It facilitates access inside or outside via any wall if you aren’t too eager to put holes in your windows or doors.

This product reaches its purpose, as it is well-made, durable and practical. It features a telescoping tunnel mechanism. This makes the installation process a breeze. It doesn’t require any additional framing materials – which is doubly convenient if you ask us.

If you’re a bit nervous about making holes through your walls, rest assured: the manufacturer includes comprehensive instructions, which are quite helpful. Apart from that, there is an accurate cutting template as well.

Now, regarding the specifications of the product: this pet door fits walls four ¾ inches to 7 ¼ thick. However, if your wall is thicker (up to 12 inches), you’ll need the Wall Entry Extension Tunnel.

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review

The primary reason why this product could easily pass off as the best cat door is its durability. The aluminum door features a double flap system and an inner tunnel that is well-made and sturdy.

Apart from that, we find that the design is efficient in ensuring excellent insulation. There is an air pocket that safeguards your home from unwanted drafts and extreme temperatures. If you wish to maximize your protection, you could always choose to buy an additional closing panel (for the extra price).

That is not all. PetSafe has thought everything through. For keeping intruders at a distance, the manufacturer has included a slide-in closing panel.

Even though it is manually controlled, you could prevent your companion from leaving the house, when necessary. The manufacturer states that the product is created for pets weighing less than 15 pounds.


  • The tunnel is designed to fit a variety of wall sizes
  • Use of durable materials
  • Excellent insulation
  • Manual slide-in closing panel
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors


  • Being manually controlled, it is up to you to leave your furry companion in and out, which could be inconvenient at times.

Our Rating

On the whole, this pet door is everything you would expect it to be regarding durability. Also, the price is on point.

Best Baby/Pet Gate With Cat Door

If you want to limit your baby or your animal to a certain room in order to protect them, this product is the best one for you!

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate With Pet Door

Now we would like to present to you an excellent baby gate with cat door. Carlson has far-reaching experience in supplying high-quality items that are made to make your life more comfortable.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door

This particular pet gate with cat door is a must-have item for parents and pet owners. It prevents your baby from wandering around parts of the house where he/she could injure himself/herself.

The small door on the gate can accommodate a cat or a small-sized dog. You can get the 4 and 6 inches extension kits, as the gate could fit openings from 29 to 44 inches.

In other words, the gate is extra wide, as the name of the product already suggests.

It is made of sturdy steel, which is chew-proof. This protects your pets from getting hurt. The construction is, indeed, durable. As for the design, it is the definition of practicality.

You can install the gate wherever you want: on your walls or door frames. It goes perfectly well with staircases, doorways or hallways, depending on your needs.

Furthermore, the one-touch release handle is made to facilitate passage while carrying items. In other words, it is easy to operate while providing extra protection for pets and kids.

Drilling this gate through your walls isn’t a good option, is it? That won’t be a problem, though. The pressure mounting installation ensures enough stability so that you don’t have to drill holes in your furniture or walls.

The pressure-mount system makes it very easy to install. The steel construction is lead-free. This means that it doesn’t pose any dangers to the well-being of your little companion.


  • Non-toxic, steel construction
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Expandable for a variety of uses
  • Practical and easy to use
  • It presents pressure mounts for a safe installation
Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door


  • Large pets could get stuck in the pet opening, as it is quite small.

Our Rating

In short, this dog gate with cat door is ideal if you have small pets. Its width makes it genuinely practical, and it is a convenient addition to your home.

Best Electronic Cat Door

You can choose from numerous electronic cat doors, but we have made the decision easy for you.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

And finally, we would like to propose to you a high-quality microchip cat door. This is a top product whose performance is unmatched.

What we like most about this cat door is that it’s genuinely convenient and versatile. It is compatible with all kinds of microchips, worldwide.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap in the glass doors

Considering that you didn’t micro-chipped your cat until now, the manufacturer provides a RFID collar tag, as well. Each cat door comes with one RFID collar tag. If you want to purchase extra tags, you could do that.

As we mentioned before, the functioning of the system is straightforward. The door will unlock only when your pet comes through. This means that you won’t have to cope with unwanted visitors.

How about programming the door? We are happy to say that it is quite easy to do that. Syncing your cat’s chip or collar is made at the touch of a button.

If you have more than one cat, don’t worry, this door can “remember” up to 32 pets – So, if you’re thinking of expanding your feline family, this would have it covered.

We also like the automatic function. This makes it the best cat door for busy individuals. The curfew setting enables you to control when your cat can or cannot leave the house. You can also set the time when the door remains open or closed.

The primary reason why this product is so popular is its convenience and practicality. This door is created for external doors, but you can also use it for interior doors if you want. And that is not all; you could install this on your wall or window as well.

However, for a window installation, you would need the SureFlap Pet Door Mounting Adaptor. As for installing this in a wall, you would need the SureFlap Pet Door Tunnel Extender.

Another excellent feature is that this product is great for both big and small cats. However, the producer advises that the pet’s shoulders’ shouldn’t be wider than 6 and a half inches. As for the waistline measurement, it shouldn’t be larger than 20 ¼ inches.

Regarding the powering of the device, we found out that a set of 4 C-cell batteries last up to one year, which isn’t too bad. When it’s time to change them, an indicator light will let you know that.


  • One set of batteries lasts up to a year
  • The curfew mode gives you ultimate control
  • The programming is effortless
  • You can fit this on walls, doors or windows
  • Durable, sturdy design – keeps away unwanted intruders
  • It is compatible with standard microchips worldwide
  • It includes a RFID collar
SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap


  • Expensive product

Our Rating

All things considered, we could say that this electronic cat door is one of the very best models we have tested. It gives you complete control to regulate who comes through your doors (and the time, as well).

What more could you ask? These features make this item the best cat door for users who value ultimate convenience.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, now you can proceed and purchase the best cat door for your needs. Each of the products included in our buying guide is the best in its category. We conducted attentive tests to present to you this information.

Cat using a cat door

After installing the cat door, you’ll come to realize that it is one of the best decisions you have ever made! It will make your feline companion more active, which could prevent destructive behaviors or other health problems.

It’s up to you to care for your furry pet, and getting the best cat door is a sensible decision. Which of the recommendations appeals to you the most and why? If you have further questions on the matter, we would be more than happy to address them.

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