PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review

PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door Review

Installing a cat door gives your companion freedom, and it’s extremely convenient for every pet owner. Your furry friend may get out of the house and roam around the yard whenever it wants, without you needing to open and close the door each time.

Cats, in particular, enjoy roaming around, due to their independent nature. So, a cat door could be a life-saving addition to your home. The greater majority of pet doors on the market are designated to fit interior or exterior doors. However, if this option doesn’t quite appeal to you, you could always choose a wall cat door.

However, there aren’t as many choices in this category. After doing a lot of research, we concluded that the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door is the best purchase you could make if you’re on the lookout for a wall pet door.

In this article, we will concentrate primarily on presenting the features that make this pet door such a popular product, the pros, and cons and other important buying information. Let’s get rolling!

About The Product

First and foremost, this wall entry pet door does exactly what it’s intended to do: it leaves your pet in and out of the house with minimal disturbance. The package includes the door housing unit, hardware unit for installing the item, templates, and a comprehensive instructions manual.

Built in PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors

Apart from that, you’ll need the right set of tools for cutting the wall and installing the unit.

You will need a drill, level, cutting device, drywall saw, pencil and measuring tape. Installing this pet door shouldn’t be too troublesome.

However, making the wall opening does require some carpentry experience so you could ask the help of a handyman if you don’t feel you’re up for the task. 

What are the primary features you’ll get with buying the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door?


  • The construction of this pet door features sturdy aluminum, which is a major plus. The rest of the door is made of durable plastic. The choice of materials shows high-quality.
  • The dual flap system facilitates your pet’s access through the wall. The flaps work on magnets. So, after your cat uses the pet door, the flaps will return to their initial position deterring bugs from entering the house.
  • The telescoping tunnel creates an air pocket that safeguards the house from extreme temperature drafts, which is another excellent feature. If you want to enhance the weather resistance of this item, you could consider adding some silicone in the right places.
  • The sliding panel is another excellent addition that ensures the weather resistance of this item.
  • The pet door is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see the size that would fit your pet best.
  • This pet door is suitable for walls whose thickness is from 4 ¾ inches to 7 ¼ inches. In the case in which your wall is thicker than that, you should get the Wall Entry Extension Tunnel.
PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors features

Our Rating

What To Expect

As I said before, installing this item requires more skills than a typical door installation. So make sure you review the steps you should follow before you go for it. One of the primary aspects that convinced me to review this product is its sturdiness. This item is genuinely durable. The aluminum door and the plastic parts look sturdy.

The design is smart, as it facilitates decent insulation. Distinct from other pet doors, this doesn’t pose the problem of unwanted drafts. Of course, if you live in an area in which the temperatures tend to be quite extreme, you can always get an additional closing panel, to double your protection.

The slide-in-closing panel deters intruders from getting in your home. On the whole, we think this is one of the best products on the market considering the price quality ratio.

What Everyone Says

I’m not the only admirer of this product. Most customers agree on the fact that this is a high-quality, durable product. Clients are happy that the double flap keeps the cold air from entering the house.

In comparison with similar products, this is quite affordable for what it offers. Apart from that, cat owners are more than pleased as this cat door provides their pets with freedom.

Also, the consensus is that the door is easy to install; however, some carpentry knowledge is required.

What We Like

First and foremost, I appreciate the durability of the product. One of our articles regarding cat doors indicates that durability is one of the fundamental aspects you should look for in a cat door.

Apart from that, the telescopic design is made to fit various wall sizes, which is convenient and versatile.

Thirdly, this aluminum door is actually weather resistant, as it is insulated. And lastly, the slide-in closing panel enables you to lock the door when you want.

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors

What We Don’t Like

For the most part, I think this is an excellent investment at a convenient price. The only drawback is that the slide-in closing panel is manually controlled. If it were automatic, this door would be a gift from above!

Buying Info

You can buy this cat door online. You can find favorable rates (under $100) on Amazon, where you can benefit from free shipping as well.

The package includes the pet door, the weatherproofing kit, and the installation instructions.

As you already know, Amazon has attractive offers for all its products now and then. So if you pay attention to these, you could definitely get a better rate.

Built in PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors


To conclude, after carefully analyzing the functions of the PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door in detail, I could wholeheartedly affirm that it meets the main criteria on my list.

It is (approximately) easy to install. Also, it is weather-resistant, durable, and practical!

Although your furry companion won’t get used to it from the first try, you’ll be happy you chose to make this investment. A pet door is, from my point of view, a necessary addition to each pet owner’s house.


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